Book an Appointment at St Luke’s

Appointments can be booked over the phone or online using the Manage My Health website.

Book A Standard 15 min Appointment Online:

Please use the button below to book an appointment online at St Luke’s Health Center. This free booking service is provided by Manage My Health and is subject to the following conditions:

  • You must already be a REGISTERED patient at St Luke’s Health Center.
  • You can book with whichever Dr has appointments available.
  • For STANDARD 15 minutes consultations only.
  • Not suitable for extended appointments such as – Drivers Licence, Travel medicine, Immigration or Insurance Medicals, Minor Surgery or any Immunisations.
  • For all these other types of appointment please phone 548 1858 instead.
  • To cancel an appointment, please ensure it is at least 2 hours prior to the appointment time as a fee of $20 may be charged.

To Book Any Other Appointment Please Phone: (03) 548 8888

We’re in the process of partnering with a medical digital solutions company which will soon allow us to take appointment bookings directly through our website. In the meantime, please phone our reception with the number above to book an appointment or make an enquiry.


Patients can bring a family member, a friend or other person they have asked to attend the appointment with them. With advance warning, we are sometimes also able to arrange an interpreter to be present for a consultation.

Alternatively, a FREE telephone-based service – Language Line – can be arranged for an appointment. This is a service provided through The Office of Ethnic Affairs, is entirely confidential and is funded by Nelson Bays Primary Health. (Click here for more information about how Language Line works.)

Guidelines for Appointments:

  • Standard appointments are scheduled for 15-minute intervals and it is usually possible to deal with one or two concerns in that time.
  • If you think you will need longer than a 15-minute consultation, or an extended appointment has been recommended, please book a double appointment when talking with our receptionist. (This will incur an extra fee.)
  • For long-term medical issues, it is helpful if you book a week in advance.
  • We make every effort to run to time, but occasionally¬†emergencies may occur or complex medical problems may take longer than expected, leading to delays.
  • Please ring to cancel your appointment if you’re unable to attend, as someone else can use this appointment time instead.
  • Patients who do not turn up for their appointment will be charged a $20 fee.

Urgent Needs:

If you are acutely unwell, please ring us and ask to speak with a nurse who will make urgent arrangements for you. A small number of same-day appointments are held in reserve for emergencies.

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