About St Luke’s Health Centre

St Luke’s Practice Philosophy:

As health workers with a Christian philosophy, we believe each person is created by God and it is our privilege to offer care, regardless of creed or nationality. We will take the utmost care of every one of our patients from conception to natural death.

We provide education in Natural Family Planning but do not provide abortion referrals or artificial birth control.

Medical Team at St Luke’s Health Centre:

Nurse Sue Moyle

Nurse Ira Hervel

Nurse Cushla Hassan

Dr Joseph Hassan

Dr Natalie Price

Dr Naomi Bell

Practice Manager Bonnie Thompson

Health Care Assistant Marie Grooby

Our Mission:

We will provide excellent holistic healthcare services, recognizing the value of each person and providing professional, compassionate care from their conception to their natural death.

We will provide services to women and their families seeking alternatives to termination of pregnancy and provide access to natural family planning tuition.

Our Values:

  • We work in service of God our creator.
  • Celebrate a culture of life.
  • Respect for each person’s dignity.
  • Provide evidence-based care.
  • Have a person-centred focus.
  • Continuous quality improvement.
  • Strong teamwork.
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